What are Storm Cases?

Storm Cases are lightweight, virtually unbreakable cases that can be used to transport your most valuably items safely. They provide ultimate protection for your belongings, even on the roughest of journeys.

Key Features:

Storm Cases are both water and airtight, and feature Vortex Auto Pressure Release valves to adjust air pressure, whilst still keeping water out. These special features mean that your items will stay safe even if the case ends up in water – for one reason or another. If your items are in danger of being dropped or knocked about, these cases will keep them in perfect condition. Storm cases are both dent resistant and corrosion proof, protecting your items from being damaged by accidental spillages. They are produced in America and are made from HPX resin, which is a high performance resin that provides excellent impact resistance, even at the most extreme temperatures.

These tough and rugged cases are guaranteed for life and are available in a range of colours and sizes to suit individual purposes. Choose a brightly coloured case to make your case more recognisable when trying to find it on the conveyer belt after a flight. You can purchase Storm Cases with wheels and easy-grip telescoping handles to make moving the cases around that little bit easier.

Who uses Storm Cases?

Professional photographers often carry their camera equipment in Storm Cases to protect them from being damaged, and keep the lenses free of excess dust. They are also practical cases for transporting tools around in, and keep valuable items like laptops safe. For added safety you can insert foam cut outs into the cases, to place your items in, or attach a regular sized padlock to the outside of the case for added security. Storm cases are even used by the military all over the world, showing just how useful they really are.

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